• Do I need a specific undergraduate degree to apply?

    No. In fact, we add value to non-business majors by teaching them the language of business. So you can be trained in science, math, technology, engineering, any of the social sciences or liberal arts. Our cohorts come from diverse backgrounds and are multi-talented.

  • Can I apply to start this program in the spring or winter quarters?

    No, we admit students only in the fall quarter. Students who choose the accelerated 10-month program start in mid-August whereas those in the traditional 24-month program begin in mid-September.

  • Is there a minimum GMAT or GRE score?

    Every cohort is different. We don’t have a minimum required score, however a GMAT score of 600+ or GRE scores of 157/158+ on Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning are desirable. So if your first attempt was not your best, then retake the test to do better. We only ask for your best score.

  • Who should write me a letter of recommendation?

    Request recommendation letters from people who can comment on your work, attitude, accomplishments, motivation, goals, individuality, etc. They could be your professor, supervisor or mentor. A word of advice: Make it count! Do not have your letter writer simply restate what is clear from your resume. Please keep in mind that we want to contribute to the professional trajectory of unique individuals. It is highly likely you won’t find another person in the cohort who is like you.

  • Is there financial aid?

    Financial aid is available to qualified individuals. An excellent source of information about aid is available at Graduate Education Resources ( ).