MS Quantitative Economics FAQs



  • Do I need a specific undergraduate degree to apply?

    We do not require a specific undergraduate degree. Successful candidates will have a strong technical aptitude with training in statistics and calculus. We encourage applicants with any background as long as they have the pre-requisite coursework in statistics and calculus.

  • Are there any courses that are offered online?

    No. This is strictly an on-campus program, and at the moment we are meticulously following Cal Poly’s guidelines regarding Covid-19 practices.

  • Are there any minimum GRE scores required?

    There are no specific minimum scores on these test scores; a high score makes your application more competitive. The average score on the quantitative section of the GRE among admitted students in past years is about 159. However, we consider all elements of an application including GRE, GPA, what courses were taken as an undergraduate, and letters of recommendation. A high GRE score alone does not guarantee admission and a low score alone does not eliminate the possibility of admission.

    Do know that due to the Covid-19 crisis, submitting GRE test scores is not an application requirement.

  • Are there teaching assistant or research assistant positions available?

    Yes, there are a limited number of TA and RA appointments. Application details will be announced in spring quarter. These are paid positions but they do not include tuition waivers.

  • Are there any courses that are offered online?

    No. This is strictly an on-campus program.

  • Can I apply to start this program in the spring or winter quarters?

    No, it is a one-year cohort program that starts with a fall intersession (August– September) followed by the fall, winter, and spring quarters.

  • Will I have access to the Recreation Center and Health Center during Intersession?

    No. You will be charged mandatory fees for access to the Rec Center and the Health Center during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters only.  For Intersession, you may purchase a pass directly from the Rec Center to gain access to the Rec Center; you will not be able to access the Health Center during Fall Intersession.

  • What is the difference between Cal Poly’s Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MSQE) and the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) programs?

    We have two excellent programs that can match your unique needs as a student. Please click HERE to see a chart explaining the difference between these two programs.

  • How can I contact the Program Director for the MS in Quantitative Economics?

    The Program Director for the MS in Quantitative Economics is Dr. Carlos Flores. You can contact him at: