MS Business Analytics Curriculum

From data visualization, data mining to econometrics, our curriculum embraces the latest approaches and developments in the data analytics field. We also offer a number of cutting-edge elective classes that allow students to explore concepts in more detail or develop category-specific skills and knowledge.

Core Courses

Collaborative Industry Projects (8 units)
Data Visualization and Communication in Business (4 units)
Data Management for Business Analytics (4 units)
Data Analytics and Mining for Business (4 units)
Essential Statistics for Econometrics (4 units)
Advanced Econometrics (4 units)
Computing and Machine Learning for Economics (4 units)

Approved Electives

Strategic Marketing Analytics (4 units)
Bayesian Econometrics (4 units)
Marketing Research (4 units)
Individual Research (1-4 units)
Career Readiness in Data Analytics (1 unit)
Selected Topic Courses:

  • People Analytics (4 units)
  • Data Ethics for Analytics (2 units)
  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals (2 units)
  • Python Fundamentals for Analytics (2 units)
  • Prescriptive Analytics (4 units)

For more details about the courses, see the Cal Poly catalog.