MS Packaging Value Chain Curriculum

The MS Packaging Value Chain program embraces the relevant disciplines of packaging science and technology, data analytics, design, marketing, finance, supply chain, operations and quantitative analysis.  Coursework is planned around the critical skills, knowledge, theories and abilities required to master the value addition potential of packaging in the global markets.


Master of Science in Packaging Value Chain

Core Courses

Packaging Value Chain Core Courses
Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
GSP 530Packaging Value Chain2
GSP 532Packaging Materials4
GSP 533Advanced Packaging Laws and Regulations3
GSP 535Packaging Value in Logistics and Supply Chain Management3
GSP 536Packaging Design4
GSP 539Marketing and Sales for Packaged Product4
GSP 540Quantitative Analysis for Packaging4
ITP 591*Applied Industry Project5

*ITP 591 satisfies the culminating experience requirement for the degree. All students are required to complete an applied industry project which involves initiation, completion and presentation of an individual project, involving research, allowing an opportunity to apply knowledge, skills, and competencies to address a significant issue in the field of packaging value chain, preferably in connection with the student’s employment.


Approved Electives

Select any four courses.

Packaging Value Chain Approved Electives
Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
GSB 520Data Management for Business Analytics4
GSP 541Corporate Finance for Packaging4
GSB 534Lean Operations Management4
ITP 537Distribution Packaging for Business Managers4
GSP 538Quality Evaluation of Packaged Products4