Ryan Jenkins

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Hunter Glanz

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Kurt Colvin

Professor Colvin’s professional interests include systems engineering, data analytics, data acquisition, cloud computing and aircraft flight test engineering. Professor Colvin enjoyed more than 25 years

Joongmin Shin

Dr. Joongmin Shin is an associate professor in the Industrial Technology and Packaging at Orfalea College of Business. Before joining in Cal Poly, he served

Sisi Pouraghabagher

SiSi Pouraghabagher is a lecturer in the Accounting area of the Orfalea College of Business and serves as a board member for State Auto Financial

Patty Dahm

Dr. Patricia Dahm is an assistant professor of management at the Orfalea College of Business. Her research interests revolve around work-life integration, social roles, and

Allison Ellis

Dr. Allison M. Ellis is an associate professor of Management and Human Resources in the Orfalea College of Business. She grew up in San Luis

Eduardo Zambrano

Professor Zambrano is recognized internationally for his research and consulting related to Welfare Economics and the measurement of Human Development, as well as his research