MS Taxation FAQs

  • Do I need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to be admitted into the program?

    No. You do need to have a bachelor’s degree but it does not have to be in accounting. However, you MUST have a sufficient number of credits in taxation, accounting, or accounting-related courses with no less than a grade of “B” in each course, to ensure your success in the program. This means that applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of: (i) one course in federal taxation at the undergraduate level, and (ii) 8 quarter units in financial accounting at the intermediate level (in addition to the course in federal taxation).

  • Is the GMAT or GRE test required in order to apply to the MST program?

    No. The MS Taxation program does not require the GMAT or GRE test.

  • How does the mandatory internship work?

    The internship provides students with a clinical tax experience, enabling them to apply skills and competencies to an employment opportunity in a professional environment. Students will serve in a full-time supervised work experience at either: (i) a public accounting firm; (ii) an accounting or internal audit department of a private enterprise; or (iii) local, state, or federal government agency. Generally, the intern will receive compensation from the firm or agency that employs the intern.

  • Will I be able to choose the location of my internship?

    The location of your internship is dependent upon the firm(s) that you apply with during the fall recruiting season at Cal Poly. The internship will conclude on a date that will permit students to resume their studies at Cal Poly during the spring quarter.

  • Is there any financial assistance available?

    Please check Cal Poly’s financial aid web site for your options in this regard. ( Generally, only financial aid in the form of loans is available for this program to those students who qualify. However, private scholarships or grants, veteran’s benefits, or other funding sources are accepted. Please contact Financial Aid at (805) 756-2927 for details.

  • Is the MS Tax program a part-time program?

    No. The MS Tax program is a full-time program.  A part-time option is not available.

  • Is the MS Tax program offered online?

    No, the program takes place with a full-time class schedule on Cal Poly’s campus in San Luis Obispo, California.

  • Can I apply to start this program in the spring or winter quarters?

    No, it is a one-year cohort program that starts with a fall intersession (August– September) followed by the fall, winter, and spring quarters.

  • Will I have access to the Recreation Center and Health Center during Intersession?

    No. You will be charged mandatory fees for access to the Rec Center and the Health Center during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters only.  For Intersession, you may purchase a pass directly from the Rec Center to gain access to the Rec Center; you will not be able to access the Health Center during Fall Intersession.