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Earning a graduate degree is a big decision, but one with great career potential. With a reputation for top academics, unmatched hands-on experiences and a superior return on investment, Cal Poly’s graduate business programs provide a clear pathway to success in today’s fast-paced world of business.

  • MBA
  • MS Business Analytics
  • MS Quantitative Economics
  • MS Taxation


The 360° Business Experience

Business is a human enterprise, with success dependent on people being able to collaborate, grow, create, innovate and lead. Our MBA program produces business leaders who are equally adept at navigating the technical and the people aspects of business. In an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment, we foster thoughtful, independent and responsible leaders.


Harnessing the Power of Data

Data has changed the way businesses make decisions. More than ever organizations need data-savvy leaders with strategies and approaches informed by data. Our MS in Business Analytics is an accelerated, interdisciplinary and industry-relevant program that holistically develops both the analytical
mindset and technical skills needed for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

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Better Decisions through Economic Analysis

The MS in Quantitative Economics delivers structured thinking about empirical problems and incentives. With an emphasis on economics-based analytics, which integrates econometrics, machine learning, experimentation, and the hands-on analysis of real-world market data guided by economic theory, our intensive MS in Quantitative Economics is ideal for those looking to obtain advanced analytics skills for careers in the Data Science and Analytics marketplace, or ramp up quantitative skills for PhD programs.

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Developing Specialized Tax Experts

Our curriculum ​covers all advanced areas of tax​ation​: ​state and local, corporate, partnerships, international, estate and gift. The curriculum is complemented by our tax speaker series, which brings in top industry professionals to discuss real-world tax situations.

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How We're Different

  • Recruiting Placement Recruiting & Placement
  • OCOB Value Value
  • Student Centric Student Centric
  • Time To Complete Time To Complete
  • Location Location
  • Silicon Valley Ecosystem Silicon Valley Ecosystem
Recruiting & Placement

Your Career Is A Priority

Career planning and placement is a priority from the time a student is enrolled. Our graduates routinely land exciting jobs at some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the region and the world.

Our graduates hit the ground running, with a 97% job placement rate as measured 90 days post-graduation.

Orfalea is well-connected to top firms and corporations that know our programs and quality of students —including powerhouses like Apple, Google and Oracle. In fact, we are the 14th most-recruited school by the Top 25 Silicon Valley employers.


Less Expensive Than Many Peer Institutions

A Cal Poly education is a good investment, paying dividends for decades in terms of career potential and growth. The cost of attending our business graduate programs is less than many peer institutions, and we’re consistently ranked highly for return on investment.

Orfalea has been ranked the “Best in the West Public Masters University in the Western US” for 29 years in a row by U.S. News & World Report.

Student Centric
Student Centric

Students Always Come First

At our school, students come first. From enrollment to graduation, our faculty and staff are deeply committed to seeing students succeed. Class sizes are small, cohorts are actively engaged, and courses are taught by professors who enthusiastically seek to partner with students on projects.

The student to faculty ratio at Cal Poly is 19:1, with 96% of our OCOB graduate-level classes having fewer than 30 students. Our small classes and our close-knit cohort-style programs, allow each student to be treated as an individual, and gives each student an opportunity to contribute individually as well.

OCOB Graduation
Time To Complete

One Year Or Less

Time is money. For many graduate students, being out of the job market for too long doesn’t make economic sense. That’s why most all our master’s degrees can be completed in one year or less.

Unlike other university grad programs that can span 2-3 years, our intensive program approach allows students to jump back into their careers quickly.

Less time on campus means that our students can spend less on school-related living expenses over the course of their graduate program.


Best of Both Worlds

Located midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo offers the best of both worlds. Students get an unparalleled academic experience and powerful career pathways, all while living in one of the California Central Coast’s most beautiful locations.

San Luis Obispo averages 287 days of sun per year, allowing for lots outdoor recreation like surfing and kayaking, or biking to class year-round. Or take a hike in the 6,500 acres of environmentally protected open space that surrounds the campus.

Enjoy relaxing day trips to nearby coastal spots, like the famous redwoods of Big Sur to the north, or popular Santa Barbara to the south. Downtown San Luis Obispo bustles with cafes and restaurants, craft beer breweries and a weekly nighttime farmers market.

With just under 50,000 residents, San Luis Obispo is community-oriented, safe and friendly, and was recently ranked the number one college town by College Rank.

Silicon Valley Ecosystem
Silicon Valley Ecosystem

Ties and Partnerships With Silicon Valley

We offer students a direct route into the Silicon Valley ecosystem, helping connect graduates to internships, training opportunities and jobs. Our ties and partnerships with Silicon Valley-based companies continue to grow year-after-year, as more of our graduates secure positions and look to hire fellow alumni.

Cal Poly is located just three hours south of Silicon Valley. This proximity makes it convenient for our students and graduates to connect with top companies and industries there. Our students are heavily recruited by Silicon Valley companies along with many firms throughout California and beyond.

Silicon Valley executives serve on many of Cal Poly advisory boards and have a vested interest in assuring our graduates’ skills meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business world.

Student Profiles

Alyssa Johnson

Alyssa Johnson,
MS Taxation

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Student Athletes
Graduate Programs

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Ben Koos

Ben Koos,
MS Quantitative Economics

Read Profile
Jeff Ernst

Jeff Ernst,
MS Business Analytics

Read Profile
Sally Nguyen

MS Business Analytics

Read Profile
Charles Hu

Charles Hu,
MBA / MS Engineering Management

Read Profile
Adorina Beit Tchoutcheca

Adorina Beit-Tchoutcheca,

Read Profile
Jordan Sligh

Jordan Sligh,
MS Accounting

Read Profile
MacKenzie Smith

MacKenzie Smith,
MS Quantitative Economics

Read Profile
Brooke Stran

Brooke Stran,
MS Accounting

Read Profile
Juan Carlos Castellanos

Juan Carlos Castellanos,
MS Taxation

Read Profile
Julie Rizzolo

MS Accounting

Read Profile
Katie Ng

Katie Ng,
MS Taxation

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Nandan Thor

Nandan Thor,
MBA / MS Industrial Engineering

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Vincent Hennessy

Vincent Hennessy,
MS Accounting

Read Profile
Naren Doddapaneni

Naren Doddapaneni,
MS Business Analytics

Read Profile
Nikki Kong

MBA / Certificate in Business Analytics

Read Profile
Reed Kamsler

Reed Kamsler,
MS Quantitative Economics

Read Profile
Arjun Reddy Toom

Arjun Reddy Toom,
MS Business Analytics

Read Profile
Matt Fagan

Matt Fagan,
MS Business Analytics

Read Profile
Ashley Goodin

Ashley Goodin
MS Business Analytics

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Important Dates

Apr 1, 2024

All international student applications for Fall 2024 are due.

Feb 1, 2024

Priority consideration is given to applicants who complete their applications by February 1, 2024.

May 1, 2024

All domestic student applications to the MBA program are due.

Jun 1, 2024

All domestic student applications for Fall 2024 are due for MSBA, MSQE & MST



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Job Placement

Across all OCOB graduate programs, the placement rates as measured
at 90 days post-graduation is 97%.


No. 1 Public Master's
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